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There are no French dpartements named Alsace or Lorraine, nor are those the names of any villages or towns. ElsassLothringen was the German name for the territory after the 1871 annexation. The departments that cover Alsace are HautRhin and BasRhin.Alsatian cuisine is neither completely French nor German. Perhaps the most famous dish of the region is choucroute sauerkraut, or fermented cabbage, eaten with a selection of porkbased meats, such as knacks (a sausage typical of the region), smoked pork, salt is alsace french or german

AlsaceLorraine an Enclave of Ethnic Germans in France. Rhine and Schelde (later developing into separate duchies of Brabant, Limburg, etc. ) and Upper Lorraine, commonly called Lorraine, region of upper Meuse and Moselle; French claim to it relinquished by Hugh Capet 987; ruled from 11th cent.

There are quite a few of languages spoken in Alsace. The most commonly spoken one is French nowadays. And the majority of people living in Alsace learn German in school because it's practical being so close to Germany. After that, there are three other spoken dialects or languages in Alsace that you will hear in certain areas. Also, Alsatian culture is very Germanic, through the language obviously but also the music and food and traditions. Despite all of that Alsatians are French. And they feel French. This is really important. We like Germany, my parents and grandparents are fluent in alsace french or german Starting from the midseventeenth century, the AlsaceLorraine was French, no question about it. That is, until it was lost to Germany between 1871 and 1919. The temporary loss of this mineralrich territory proved to be a rather traumatic experience for many a French person.

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Sep 19, 2011 AlsaceLorraine is a country which belonged to the HRE for centuries. While Alsace was german speaking, Lorraine was divided into a germanspeaking region in the NE and a French speaking part. The linguistic borders was along a line Longwy, Metz, Belfort. is alsace french or german How can the answer be improved? Alsace is Alsace, a region that is currently part of France and has many common traits with its neighbouring regions (Lorraine and Vosges on the French side, Schwartzwald on the German side) and at the same time has much less in common with French Aquitaine or German SchleswigHolstein.