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A Briard is a French breed of sturdy dog! Typically with a long stiff wavy coat and a long tail! The word originates from the French word Brie which is a region with a chees.About the Briard. Briards are herders known for a wavy coat of either gray, tawny, or black, and an impressive head topped by a peekaboo hairdo parted naturally in the middle. A luxurious beard and eyebrows accentuate an expression described as frank and questioning. Standing between 22 and 27 inches at the shoulder, french briard hypoallergenic

The Briard is a large French purebred bred originally to be a herding dog but used today in a large variety of roles such as police dog, military dog, watchdog, search and rescue work, service dog, therapy dog and of course as a companion.

While there are no 100 hypoallergenic dogs, there are many breeds that do well with allergy sufferers. Underneath the Briards long, shaggy coat lies a bold spirit and keen intelligence. True to his French roots, he can be aloof with strangers, but is affectionate and loving toward members of his pack. Bred as a herding and guard dog to protect flocks and fight off predators, hefrench briard hypoallergenic Briard FAQs Find All Your Questions Answered About The Briard Like Is Briard a sheepdog? , Do briards shed hair? , Is briard hypoallergenic? , And More.

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The Briard, also known as the Berger de Brie, is a very old breed, dating all the way back to the 14th century where it appeared in the novel Livre de chasse(Book of the Hunt). french briard hypoallergenic Both the labradoodle and the bichon frise are often recommended for people with dog allergies because of their easytomaintain coats. Labradoodles with woollike hair may not pick up as many outdoor allergens as other breeds. The curly coat of a bichon frise produces little dander, making it another great hypoallergenic dog. A French sheepdog once owned by the great Napolon Bonaparte. The Briard is an ancient dog breed which has become wellknown for their bravery and good looks. Strongwilled, incredibly loyal, and intelligent, the Briard is easily considered one of the most cherished dog breeds today.