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Here is the Top 10 of Frances tallest cathedrals and churches. Nine out of ten sanctuaries are found in the North of France, except for one in Bordeaux. At French Moments we have a little thing for France ok maybe a big thing. Top 10 Most Famous Monuments of Paris. 15 March 8. The formidable story behind the French croissant. 23Notre Dame de Paris is a beautiful Catholic cathedral in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. Begun in 1163 it was essentially complete by around 1345. One of the most famous French Gothic cathedrals, the Notre Dame a great example of French Gothic architecture, sculpture and stained glass. famous french cathedrals

20 rows  The finest medieval cathedrals in France. The birthplace of Gothic architecture was the

NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL, PARIS. Notre Dame de Paris is arguably the most famous religious monument in the world and widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. The cathedral suffered desecration during the radical phase of the French Revolution in the 1790s, when much of its religious imagery was damaged or destroyed. How can the answer be improved?famous french cathedrals Follow this suggested itinerary for your own tour of France's best cathedrals, which stops in Paris, Amiens, Laon, Rouen, Reims, Chartres and Strasbourg. Along the way, you'll also see a tapestry of France's big cities and beautiful villages.

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One famous French medieval cathedral (out of many) would be Chartres Cathedral or, in French and more properly, Basilique Cathedral NotreDame de Chartres . famous french cathedrals Cathdrale NotreDame de Reims. The faade is considered a medieval masterpiece. Dozens of sculptures, outside and in, decorate the cathedral. Theres a profusion of Biblical figures, angels, and bishops, and French kings from Clovis on are carved in the gallery of the kings. FRENCH CATHEDRALS Cathedrals are organized in the same sequence as the class sessions and the Great Courses lectures. Material on specific cathedrals is taken from the internet, primarily from Wikipedia and MappingGothic. org. The section on the Gothic Revival is taken from Alain Erland 184 rows  This is a list of cathedrals in France and in the French overseas departments, territories and collectivities, including both actual and former diocesan cathedrals (seats of bishops). Almost all cathedrals in France are Roman Catholic, but any nonRoman