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Barfi() Hindi Name: Singhare Atte ki Barfi. A Navratri special sweet made with singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour), khoya and green cardamoms. Nariyal ki Barfi. A sweet temptation made with fine coconuts, khoya, ghee and sugar. Make this traditional sweet atCategories Sweets Tags Coconut Barfi Recipe, Coconut Sweets In HIndi, How To Make Coconut Barfi Recipe In Hindi, Nariyal Ki Barfi Without Khoya In Hindi, Sweet Recipe, , 1 ( ) Post navigation nariyal ki barfi hindi

Aug 14, 2017  Instant Coconut barfi prepared with Malai and coconut powder is super delicious and easy to make. Instant Nariyal Barfi

Nariyal ki Barfi Recipe, Learn how to make Nariyal ki Barfi (absolutely delicious recipe of Nariyal ki Barfi ingredients and cooking method) A sweet temptation made with How to make Green Coconut Barfi ( Banane ki Vidhi) Step by Step Guide Hindi mein: Kache nariyal ki barfi banane ke liye nariyal ko mixi mein bareek pees lein aur ek taraf rakh dein. Ek mote tale ki kadahi mein doodh ubalnanariyal ki barfi hindi Jul 12, 2014 Nariyal ki Barfi or Coconut Fudge is a must make sweet for almost any occasion you could imagine in the Mathur clan. It is also called Pili Barfi as it is yellow in color. Nariyal Ki Barfi is decked with silver foil, saffron strands, which makes it more rich and toothsome.

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May 27, 2017  Nariyal ki barfi Coconut barfi for vrats and upvas. Nariyal ki barfi is an important recipe during vrats and upvas. Hey this is a very simple and easy way of making Nariyal ki barfi yourself. Nariyal ki barfi is a popular Indian dessert which is made from Coconut. This nariyal ki barfi nariyal ki barfi hindi Oct 28, 2016  nariyal barfi recipe with step by step photos. a delicious, soft coconut barfi made from fresh grated coconut, khoya (evaporated milk solids), milk, ghee, cardamom powder and sugar. a quick nariyal ki barfi Apr 01, 2018 Posted in All Recipes, Fasting Recipes, Quick Recipes, Sweet Recipe Tagged barfi recipe in hindi, bina khoya ki barfi, coconut, coconut barfi without khoya, coconut burfi without condensed milk, coconut burfi without mawa, gole ki burfi, khopra barfi recipe hindi, khopra pak in hindi, nariyal barfi, nariyal barfi with milk, nariyal ki barfi Coconut Burfi (Nariyal Barfi) Recipe (with Step by Step Photos) kopra pak in Gujarat and as nariyal ki barfi in northern India. Coconut Burfi (Nariyal Barfi) Recipe In Hindi Learn Nariyal Ki Barfi Recipe here. To know more sweet recipes, indian recipes, dinner recipes in hindi follow us. MENU