French ministry of culture

2020-02-24 14:14

The French Ministry of Culture and Communications, which has much appreciated the excellence and expertise deployed by Peter Auto to make its event known to the greatest number, and to ensure it remains a longterm addition to nottobemissed French cultural rendezvous, has given its agreement to patronize the third year [I recall the desperate efforts of the senior official responsible for the French language and terminology in two of the ministries where I worked (Finance and Environment). He was responsible for proposing French translations of English technical terms in computer science and Telecommunications. french ministry of culture

Ministry of Culture and Communication (France) The mission of the Ministry of Culture and Communication is to make accessible to as many people as possible the major works of humanity, and first of all, of France.

Fleur Pellerin, French Minister of Culture and Communication, and Michael Roth, German State Secretary for European Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, pose outside of the German pavilion at the Biennale in Venice, Italy, 07 May 2015. The 56th international art show 'La Biennale di Venezia 2015' runs from 09 May to 22 November 2015. french ministry of culture

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