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This week's podcast is an intermediate podcast. It includes the word 'dpaysant a typically French word which describes the feeling you get when you travel are away from home. For a French person, if visiting China is 'dpaysant it means it's kind of a temporary change of culture for him.Jul 09, 2015 Plus, you can take the videos anywhere on the FluentU mobile app. If you love learning French the way native speakers actually use it, be sure to mix FluentU videos into your practice alongside the great podcasts below. How to Actively Listen to French Podcasts and Deliberately Practice. Translate. french podcasts with text

Learn French by Podcast: This website, started by some Irish folk from Cork, is a podcast series providing realworld conversations in French. Talk in French Podcast: A podcast for French learners that focuses on culture topics.

Jan 05, 2018 I have used both of these podcasts and I also like the podcast called One Thing in a French Day. September 18, 2013 Looks really great! On the website you can follow the text version with translations on hover for more advanced vocabulary. One (tiny, really) bad thing is that the pronunciation is not errorfree. A few slightly mispronounced Nov 04, 2014 Best French Podcasts to Learn French. or text in front of you to use as context clues. But they are doable. If you consistently listen to podcasts for a few weeks, you will notice a difference. For a sample of some of the best French podcasts, check out our list. Last update.french podcasts with text This biweekly podcast deals with different topics in French history, culture, as well as short stories in French. The transcript appears on the page, and you can click on the text to navigate through the podcast. There is a vocabulary list provided as well.

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This is my number one choice of podcast to learn French. In fact, I am considering using Russianpod101 soon. Coffee Break French. This is the podcast French learners seem to enjoy the most. In it, Mark, a Scotsman fluent in French teaches the language to Ana, a beginner French learner. french podcasts with text Free French podcasts about various, reallife topics. No academic teaching, no actors, just conversations with real people at normal speed. you can learn how to pronounce the names of the 118 French cities and towns that have more than 50. 000 inhabitants. This entry was posted in Audio Dictionary, Vocabulary& pronunciation and tagged Audio Dec 09, 2011 You'll then have to get a copy of the text, which for public domain titles shouldn't be too difficult to do either. The texts won't necessarily always match exactly, but it should get you started. I've subscribed to different online French lessons and Learn French By Podcast is far and away the best. The lesson guides are extremely well done and informative and the podcasts are always interesting and fun. Merci! Jocel Dumlao, U. S. A. I have been studying French all my life. This is the best audio lesson source I have ever found. After months of lengthy preparation, the 26 episodes of the full first season is finally here! Introducing: the new Talk in French Podcast I have heard your requests, your feedback, and all your frustrations in learning French especially for advanced learners.