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Jan 13, 2017  Phalon se ilaj phalon se ilaj in urdu hindi phalon ke fawaid. Fruits Benefits In Urdu Hindi (Phalon Se Ilaj) Fruit Name In English And Urdu No doubt fruits are biggest gift of nature. it is the key of any healthy person. they are yummy and juicy to eat and also provides us lots of vitamin, nutrients and minerals. naturally, they have ability to control cholesterol, blood pressure, prevents from heart diseases and cancers too.phalon se ilaj in hindi You have no items in your shopping cart. The Holy Quran (275) Holy Quran in Arabic (49) Holy Quran in Translation (108)

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Dil Ki Bimariyan Aur Aasan Ilaj (Urdu) (PB) 40. 00 phalon se ilaj in hindi Phalon Se Ilaj By Hakeem Muhammad Abdullah Pdf Free Download Aug 16, 2017  Phalon or sabziyon sa ilaj Phalon Or Sabziyon Say ilaj is a Android Application of remedy with fruit and vegetable in urdu language. This Android Application Phalon Or Sabziyon Say ilaj provides best and natural technique of remedy with fruits and vegetables. Easy to Allergy Ka Ilaj Vitamins: mutadid vitamins Allergy se tahafuz aur ilaj ke leye mosar sabit hote hain. Baz oqat vitamin B (5) ya pinto thank acid ka istemal mutasirah afrad ko zabardast afaqa deta hai. ye vitamin rozana 100 mili gram aik khurak ke tor par aik mah tak leni chaheye.