French toast for 1 person

2020-03-29 08:53

All you need is sliced bread, eggs, milk, and a few spices to make the best French toast for a quick and easy breakfast There are many, fancy variations on this basic recipe. This recipe works with many types of bread white, whole wheat, cinnamonraisin, Italian or FrenchThis easy French toast for one recipe is quick and simple to make about 5 minutes from start to finish and is perfectly sized to feed ONE person. 5 minutes for a whole french toast for 1 person

Feb 15, 2019  French toast is one of those recipes that I absolutely love. I love to make huge platters of it when we have guests for the weekend or when Sam has friends who spent the night. But really, my favorite thing to do is to make this perfect French toast

Vanilla extract and cinnamon bring a richness of flavor to French toast. Pick your favorite bread white, Italian, French or whole wheat. Serve with Easy Spiced Syrup. Our website searches for recipes from food blogs, this time we are presenting the result of searching for the phrase how to make cinnamon french toast for one person. Culinary website archive already contains 1 071 460 recipes and it is still growing.french toast for 1 person Feb 07, 2009 French Toast recipe for 1? I want to make french toast for 1 person but i can only find a recipe for like 3 so does anyone have a recipe for french toast for 1 person. And can you make french toast without vanilla?

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French Toast for One. Ingredients. 1 egg, slightly beaten. 14 cup milk, light cream, or halfandhalf. 2 slices bread. 1 tablespoon margarine or butter. Mapleflavored syrup. Fresh fruit (optional) french toast for 1 person Individual SingleServing Baked French Toast Casserole Pancakes or French Toast? For me, I'm happy with just about anything drenched in syrup, but a good french toast is definitely my# 1 breakfast choice. Easy Basic French Toast. The formula is simple. For each hungry person you plan on feeding, use one egg plus 14 cup milk. That will be enough for about three big slices of bread. You will need a shallow bowl or dish thats wide enough to fit one slice of bread Step 1. Mix all the ingredients except for the bread in a small bowl with a fork. Then set the bread in the mixture for about 5 seconds each side. Oct 22, 2015  One flip will do, and were off to French Toast heaven. Cool quickly, until all two or four slices are buttertoasted and browned. Top with more cinnamon sugar,