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French Revolution and Napoleon Timeline Activity. Print; Main. King Louis XVI Calls the Estates General August 1788. The Tennis Court Oath June 20, 1789. The storming of the Bastile July 14, 1789. National Assembly adopts the Declaration of the rights of Man and the Citizen August 1789.French Revolution [Question and Answer Because the French government was Bankrupt and the third estate were the people who who had to pay taxes. They were heavily taxed and the peasants had to give the land lords much of their crops while the nobles and the King lived a life in luxury while the peasants were very poor and starving. french revolution timeline activity answers

leaders of the revolution made a decision that would change the face of warfare forever. The Leve en Masse DIRECTIONS: Answer the questions below in the space provided. 1. Why did French revolutionary leaders institute the leve en masse? 2. How did the

Information recall access your knowledge on the timeline of the French Revolution Knowledge application use your knowledge to answer questions about major events that influenced the course of July 14 The French Revolution begins with the Storming of the Bastille. August 26 The National Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of man and of the Citizen. October 5 A large group of women (and men) march from Paris to Versailles to demand lower bread prices. They force the king and queen to move back to Paris.french revolution timeline activity answers covered in History (Option) syllabus. Material prepared by History (Option) teachers during French people and society on the eve of the French Revolution 15 The three Estates of French society 16 Study the following source about the debt of the French royal court and then answer the questions below. Indirect taxes 219. 3 million

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French revolution timeline activity answers free

Home. Site pages. Tags. Calendar. Moodle BacktoSchool Bootcamp. Current course. WH B Mr. H. Participants. General. Unit 1 Enlightenment and Revolution. Enlightenment french revolution timeline activity answers A timeline of French Revolution events. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen Approved. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen of 1789 brought together two streams of thought: one springing from the AngloAmerican tradition Unit Notes French Revolution. Unit Notes Notebook File. French Revolution Timeline of Events Worksheet. Worksheet. French Revolution Timeline of Events Content. Information Sheet. French Revolution Vocabulary. Vocabulary Worksheet. Weak Kings of France. Homework Worksheet. Napoleon Comes to Power in France. Classwork Worksheet National Assembly First government of the French Revolution formed by the Third Estate in May of 1789. New France France's possessions in North America that were lost after the Seven Years War. Nobility The Second Estate in France composed wealthy and privileged landowners. radical A political extremist. Some of the worksheets displayed are Causes of the french revolution vocabulary political, frenchrev studyguide, The french revolution, Causes of three revolutions american revolution haitian, Plan 1 the politics of revolution introduction, On, Chapter 19 the french revolution review, The causes of french revolution 1 work answers pdf.