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The following events are what made up the French Revolution and their significance in how France changed because of these events. This timeline was compiled by Zayyan Faizal from Mrs. Schaefer's 4th hour AP European History class.Learn about key events which span from c. 800 BCE to the twentieth century. Key Events in French History Share Flipboard Email Napoleon took advantage of the opportunities offered by both the French Revolution and its revolutionary wars to rise to the top, seizing power in a coup, before declaring himself Emperor of France in 1804. key event of the french revolution

Key Events of the French Revolution. (The French Revolution period lasted until Napoleon seized power for himself in 1799) Tennis Court Oath, June 20th 1789: the 3rd estate of the Estates General met in a commercial tennis court and swore an oath declaring they would remain until France had a constitution.

Key Events of the French Revolution. Timeline created by kevin. gilchrist. 8. Jul 4, 1776. American Revolution. The American Revolution officially began when the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, although fighting had begun in 1775. July 14 Fte de la Fdration. November 25: Uprising of black slaves in the French colony of SaintDomingue (now Haiti ). November 27: The Assembly decrees that all members of the clergy must take an oath to the Nation, the Law and the King. A large majority of French clergymen refuse to take the oath.key event of the french revolution Over four years after the start of the French Revolution, France descended into a period commonly known as the Reign of Terror, when over 16, 000 people

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The French Revolution: Key Events. The people decided to defend their city and marched to the Bastille prison for gunpowder. The governor of the prison refused them, so they fought until the prison surrendered. This saved the National Assembly. Is now called the Bastille Day and is France's Independence Day. key event of the french revolution How can the answer be improved? What were the key events of the French Revolution? Students are tasked with researching and illustrating the key events of the Revolution. They then selecting a turning point to The French Revolution was a watershed event in modern history. It took place between 1789 and 1799 and resulted in profound political and social change, most noticeably the establishment of the First French Republic and the execution of King Louis XVI. It was a horribly violent affair.