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, Natarajasana in Hindi, Benefits of Natarajasana in Hindi, How to do Natarajasana in HindiNatarajasana. Natarajasana ( Sanskrit: ; IAST: Naarjsana) or Lord of the Dance Pose is a standing, backbending asana. natarajasana in hindi

Natarajasana. In Natarajasana (Dancer Pose), Nata Dancer and Raja Lord or King. Dancer Pose is also attributed to Lord Shiva who is called Lord of the Dance. This vigorous and beautiful pose is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is also the fountain and source of Yoga. This yoga pose is considered as an advance level yoga pose,

keywords, Nataraja asana, nataraja pose yoga, 108 nataraja poses, nataraja pose yoga benefits, natarajasana benefits, how to do natarajasana, natarajasana yoga, nataraja pose in bharatanatyam, natarajasana meaning, natarajasana benefits in hindi, Natarajasana is usually known as Lord of the Dance Pose. This particular asana name directly comes from the Sanskrit language words, nata means dancer , raja means king plus asana means posture . It is to be highly noted that Nataraja is the Hindu God Shiva's another name in the form of the cosmic dancer. It is a difficult asana for the beginners.natarajasana in hindi Jul 02, 2017 Natarajasana is made of two words Nataraja means Lord Shiva and Asana means pose or posture. It is also called as Dance pose which is quite beneficial in giving strength to your chest, ankles

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Natarajasana is a standing asana that requires balance and concentration. Begin by standing straight with arms at the sides. Bend the right leg backward with the heel lifted to the right buttock and the knee bent. The right hand reaches back and grasps the outside of the right foot or ankle. natarajasana in hindi Oct 27, 2015  Lord of the Dance Pose Natarajasana Hindi Yoga Pose Tutorial Nat means Dance and Raja Means King. So this pose is called as Nataraja Pose. Natarajasana. Now come to standing in tadasana, hook the looped end of a strap around the ball of the left foot and bend the left knee, bringing the heel up next to the hip, while clasping the strap overhead with both hands. Apply all the actions of the standing leg that you explored in virabhadrasana III. Steps to do Natarajasana in Hindi 4. Beginners Tip to do Natarajasana in Hindi 5. How can the answer be improved?