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French Hill (Givat HaTsarfatit) is a northeastern neighborhood of Jerusalem established in 1969. Its location was chosen in part to create contiguity with the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University.French Hill, Jerusalem, Israel. 491 likes. French Hill, also Giv'at Shapira is a neighborhood and Israeli settlement in northern East Jerusalem. It is french hill supermarket jerusalem

French Hill in Jerusalem is quickly becoming an attractive alternative for those looking for affordable housing and profitable investment opportunities. Services in the neighborhood include a commercial center, bank, supermarket, post office, medical facilities

Mar 24, 2019 Entire homeapt for 100. Located at the top floor the eighth, elevator of course this apartment overlooks the Old City on one side and the Judean desert on another. I From Arab to Orthodox, Chinese to Korean, its love thy neighbor in French Hill The northern Jerusalem neighborhood is home to a spectacularly diverse community, living in even more remarkablefrench hill supermarket jerusalem The 2002 French hill suicide bombing was a suicide bombing which occurred on June 19, 2002, in a crowded bus stop and hitchhiking post at the French Hill neighborhood in northeastern Jerusalem. The site of the attack was chosen in order to cause a maximum number of casualties.

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BEAUTIFUL 3BR2 BATH APARTMENT IN FRENCH HILL, BESIDE HEBREW U Home Beautiful 3BR2 Bath Apartment in French Hill, Beside Hebrew U. French Hill, Jerusalem 5 minute walk to the supermarket, bank, coffee shops and restaurants french hill supermarket jerusalem French Hill is a small neighbourhood in the northeast of Jerusalem, pretty much on the edge of the city. Actually this is not accurate the official name of the neighbourhood is Givat Shapira (Shapira Hill), and it is constructed of two tiny subneighbourhoods, French Hill and Tzameret HaBira. French Hill (Hebrew: , HaGiv'a HaTzarfatit, Arabic: , attel alfaransiya), also Giv'at Shapira (Hebrew: ) is a neighborhood and Israeli settlement in northern East Jerusalem. French Hill is located in Northern Jerusalem. It was established in the early 1970s after the unification of the city in the Six Day War and it connected western Jerusalem with Mount Scopus, where the campus of the Hebrew University has been located since before the establishment of the State.