Why do they use french at the olympics

2020-04-01 22:13

Rule 24 of the Olympic Charter stipulates, The official languages of the International Olympic Committee are French and English. At the origin of this rule is the Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman considered by many as the founder of the modern Olympic Games.They speak French first because the modern Olympics was conceived by a Frenchman called Pierre de Coubertin in 1896, it was held in Athens, Greece. why do they use french at the olympics

And it is claimed that the first modern Olympics was held in 1866 at the English town of Much Wenlock. To have French translation (especially before English) in the London games merely out of some sort of misguided international courtesy is idiotic. And it not just the opening ceremony we have French translation at most events.

How can the answer be improved? Why are English and French the Official Olympic Languages? Because the founder of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and father of the modern Olympics was a Frenchman?why do they use french at the olympics Aug 10, 2016 Brazilians Speak Portuguese, but the Olympics Must Use French Image Michalle Jean is the secretary general of the International Organization of la Francophonie.

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Why do they use french at the olympics free

It's An Olympic Requirement. The 2018 Olympic Games are officially underway in PyeongChang, South Korea, and those who got up early to watch the parade of nations were treated to quite the spectacle. But if you're not a regular viewer, you might be confused about why they're speaking French at the opening ceremony, rather than Korean. why do they use french at the olympics The International Olympic Committee (IOC) charter decrees that the organizations official languages are French and English. Given the dual official languages, its customary for announcements at official Olympic events to be made in French, English and the language of the host country. In this case, of course, thats Korean. For centuries, political delegates from around the world learned to speak French. French is the first language of the Olympic movement which is based in the Frenchspeaking city of Lausanne in honour of Frenchman Baron de Coubertin, who developed the modern Games in the 1890s. Many have argued that English should be the first language. Aug 24, 2008 At the Olympics, they speak in the following languages: The Language of the host country, in this case, China, English and French because those languages are spoken world wide. The use of English and French are stipulated by Rule 23 of the Olympic charter. The first page of the charter bears a statue made in the image of Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic