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The Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee report has highlighted the deplorable socioeconomic plight of the mass of the Muslim community. It has served to highlight the urgent need to adopt special measures for the upliftment in their social and economic conditions.Sachar committee report news in hindi on Khabar. NDTV. com Find hindi news articles about Sachar committee report. Sachar committee report hindi news, photos, video sachar committee report in hindi

Sachar Committee Report S. No. Title Attachment Detail; 1 Status of implementation of the decisions taken by Government on the followup action on the recommendations of the Sachar Committee (Status up to ) English: Download (426. 95 KB)

Sachar Committee Report Hindi by Justice Rajindar Sachar (Author) Prime Minister's High Level Committee For Preparation of Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India prepared its report in November 2006 and tabled in Parliament on 30 Nov 2006. The chairperson of the Committee was Justice Rajindar Sachar. How can the answer be improved?sachar committee report in hindi Report. The Sachar Committee Report brought the issue of Muslim Indian inequality to national attention, sparking a discussion that is still ongoing. The Committee recommended setting up an Equal Opportunity Commission to provide a legal mechanism to address discrimination complaints, including in matters such as housing.

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Summarised Sachar Report on Status of Indian Muslims. Report of the Prime Ministers High Level Committee (headed by Justice Rajindar Sachar) on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the sachar committee report in hindi The sevenmember High Level Committee, chaired by Justice Rajindar Sachar, submitted its final report to the Prime Minister on November 17, 2006. The Government tabled the Justice Rajindar Sachar Committee Report in Parliament on November 30th. The Sachar Committee has compiled data from a number of sources. Sachar Committee Report In Hindi Pdf Download Know about Sachar committee report in Hindi on Khabar. NDTV. com, Explore Sachar committee report with Articles, Photos, Video, , in Hindi with NDTV India NDTV Business Hindi Movies Cricket Health HOP Food Tech Auto Apps Art Both the Committee and the Commission have submitted their reports. While the Sachar Committee Report is under implementation, the Government has tabled the Justice Ranganath Mishra Report on the table of the Parliament and considering various aspects for implementation of the Report at present.