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French toast. French toast is a dish made of bread soaked in eggs and milk, then fried. Alternative names and variants include eggy bread, Bombay toast, German toast, gypsy toast, poor knights ( of Windsor ), and Torrija.Sep 17, 2010  Lay your bread into the egg mixture and allow the french bread to completely soak up the mixture, flipping over once, then sprinkle cinnamon atop. what is french toast bread

Jul 09, 2017 French toast is possibly one of the most amazing and decadent foods to have for breakfast or brunch. I am a fan of eating it at any meal, to be quite honest. I would say that based on taste, there is not one specific best bread for French toast.

Feb 18, 2011  Get our recipe for classic French toast, made using any bread you like best. This sweet, delicious breakfast recipe is easy to make and comes together in Usually, I'm not a fan of french toast casseroles where the bread sits in egg custard overnight and all the slices are baked together. This method is a time saver, but the results are so different and wind up more like bread pudding.what is french toast bread French toast has become a dish that requires planning, and for most people, using whatever leftover bread you have on hand is not good enough. Some home cooks even go as far as to purchase a fresh loaf of their choice days in advance so it has ample time to stale.

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Jan 08, 2019  What is the Best Bread for French Toast Casserole? Brioche Bread, Challah Bread French Bread or even Italian Bread that can be sliced into about 1 squares will all work great. Use bread thats at least a day old. It will soak the egg mixture better and wont taste soggy or mushy. what is french toast bread May 17, 2015  French Toast Bread Pudding with Spiced Pears. UpsideDown Apple French Toast with Cranberries and Pecans What's Cooking. Spring Weeknights. Baked French Bread French Toast Recipes 10, 163 Recipes. Which kind of spice would you like in the recipe? Cinnamon Vanilla Nutmeg No Preference. Skip. Last updated Mar 23, 2019. 10, 163 suggested recipes. Simple French Toast Bake I Wash You Dry. large eggs, sugar, brown sugar, french bread French toast means pain de mie toast came from an old French name toste piece of bread accompanying a glass of wine. It then crossed the Channel under the name of toast and came back to France (especially with Americans and English troops during the war for the bread name). Dec 13, 2018  The Best Classic French Toast This easy French toast recipe makes homemade fluffy french toast using a cinnamon batter and any type of bread you want. What makes this an easy French toast recipe? It can be made with common ingredients you probably already have on hand.