Alton brown french press latte

2020-04-03 01:49

Apr 20, 2011 Here is a great video from Alton Brown of the Food Network on how to make your own DIY (faux) latte with a French Press and save some big bucks. While it might not be made with espresso, the taste and the consistency of the latte are very comparable and still will give you that kick that espresso is known for!Jan 19, 2017  Learn how to make a cappuccino or latte without an espresso maker! All you need are coffee grounds and a French Press. I was watching an episode of Alton Browns old show Good Eats that recommended French Press coffee as an alternative to real espresso, and I decided to give it a shot with a cappuccino. To make Vanilla French alton brown french press latte

Join Alton Brown as he explains how the beans, the grind, the machine and the hand make up the essential components. Espress Yourself. French Press Faux Latte 02: 05. Videos

Lets get right to it: What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino? Fundamentally, Alton Brown is a coffee nerd from way back and he gets almost everything What Is the Difference Between French Press and PourOver Coffee? alton brown french press latte

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