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MRI Houston TX. Memorial Hermann Imaging Centers offer a variety of cuttingedge MRI technologies, including: 3. 0T MRI; 1. 5T MRI; 3. 0T MRI Machine. With twice the strength of a conventional magnet, 3. 0T MRI scan produces images with extreme detail and clarity while revealing fine changes in body structures of physiological processes.New website works to make medical care cheaper, easier (for an MRI), Schneider said. SaveOnMedical. com has only been offering this kind of discount medical pricing in Houston for three discount mri houston

MRI imaging studies scheduled through Radiology Assist start from 278. 66 for Houston, TX. Prices are dependent on the body part and whether contrast is required. Exact location and prices for any particular study can be looked up using our Locations& Prices tool.

A PET Scan in Houston costs 1, 907 on average when you take the median of the 80 medical providers who perform PET Scan procedures in Houston, TX. The least expensive PET Scan in Houston is 1, 100 for a PET Scan Heart while the most expensive PET Scan list price is 1, 650 for a PET Scan Brain. Houston OPEN MRI at affordable prices. Comprehensive Quality Care At Affordable Prices Our MRI and diagnostics facility continually invests in the newest state of the art technology, recruits the best radiologists, and insists on each member of our staff being both qualified and mri houston Houston MRI is a Diagnostic Radiology& Imaging Center in Houston. The radiologist provides high quality MRI and radiology exams in a comfortable diagnostic testing facility.

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May 27, 2016 Unfortunately, that sounds like it is a good price. It depends on what you're getting an MRI on, but I had one on my wrist that cost about 650 at Spring Imaging. Brain MRI at a hospital cost 1600 up front, then I kept getting bills for weeks afterward from everyone who breathed on me during that time that added another 400. discount mri houston A MRI in Houston costs 1, 037 on average when you take the median of the 120 medical providers who perform MRI procedures in Houston, TX. The least expensive MRI in Houston is 390 for a MRI Foot, Ankle, Leg, Hip (Lower Extremity) while the most expensive MRI The 5 Key Advantages of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Image quality Compared to most imaging technologies, MRIs can produce images of superior quality and resolution. Affordable MRIs start for as little as 250, compared with 1, 600 at other imaging facilities in the Houston area. Dont pay secret rates for an MRI. Go Green Imaging instead! MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Affordable Cash or High Deductible Pricing Starts at 249. 00 Patients often experience discomfort or claustrophobia when having a traditional MRI scan. Prices for an MRI of the back at 37 facilities close to Bellaire range from 425 at a freestanding diagnostic center to a range of 1, 629 to 2, 139 at one of Houston's hospitals. Patients paying more