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C'est la vie: The French songs you need to hear right now 5 Fresher Sounds The best new music READ MORE TRENDING. TRENDING CHANNELS ALL MEDIA PARTNERS. CONTRIBUTOR OF THE MONTHOther uses: In French, cest la vie isnt always a fatalistic expression. It can also be used to talk about a necessity of life or a way of life. It can also be used to talk about a necessity of life or a way of life. french song c'est la vie

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The French C'est la vie, surprisingly, is preferred in nonFrench cultures, and C'est la vie is used far more in English than in French. But unlike many expressions that English speakers have borrowed from French, the meaning is the same in both languages. Translation of 'C'est la vie' by Khaled () from Arabic, French to Englishfrench song c'est la vie In English it means its life and French are using this phrase when they want to emphasize the fact that they cant influence on something. Like when someone looses his car keys you can say C'est la vie meaning that some higher force influenced this. Naturally, it can be used for some good event like winning the lottery.

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I don't really speak French, but I knew this phrase, 'c'est la vie, ' that's life. And so I thought, That would make a good idea for a song. So I wrote this song, C'est la Vie, and we recorded it and put it onto Works Volume I. However, a couple of years later it was covered by a French french song c'est la vie As you can see from these songs, Cest la vie can be used in a negative, positive, or simply observational context, and sometimes its ambiguity can yield some cool results. Other ways to say Cest la vie. Of course, there are many other ways to express Cest la vie. Here are several that youll regularly hear in Frenchspeaking countries. : C'est la Vie , an ABBA parody song in the television series French and Saunders C'est la Vie , performed by Ayaka Komatsu the fictional character Sailor