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Shanghai French Concessions Maps Shanghai French Concession used to be the foreign concession of France in Shanghai, and now is a district in the city. It covers the Xuhui District and Luwan District, occupying the center, south and west of urban Shanghai, and its central Huaihai Road is a busy shopping street.The map below shows the French Concession Area in Shanghai, which is worth walking around. The pictures and introduction will help you explore this historical area. shanghai french concession map

The French Concession is the area of Shanghai that the French government administered from 1849 until 1946. The treelined avenues and the many fine old

A neighborhood map of cafes, restaurants, and shops in Shanghai's Jingan and French Concession areas for guests of Quintet Bed and Breakfast. The Shanghai French Concession (; Shnghi F Zji), was a foreign concession in Shanghai from 1849 until 1946, and was the premier residential and retail district of Shanghai for much of the 20th century. With its European style cafes, quiet, leafy, tree lined avenues and tudor houses nestled in beautiful gardensshanghai french concession map Mar 31, 2019 The French Concession as an area is quite big. Therefore there are quite a few relevant Metro stations. You can consider HengShanLu station. Again you would want to check out the map. Whilst in Shanghai you can use the Metroman App to manoeuvre the metro. It's very user friendly

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Located in the downtown of Shanghai's French Concession, Huaihai Road is one of the busiest shopping streets in Shanghai. It is known to all that Huaihai Road is Shanghai's most beautiful and fashionable street with the best emotional appeal. shanghai french concession map 1884 map of Shanghai with foreign concessions: the British Concession in blue, the French Concession to the south in faded red and American Concession to the north in faded orange; Chinese part of the city to the south of the French Concession in faded yellow. Shanghai French Concession () located in Huangpu district () and Xuhui District () is the earliest, largest and most prosperous French concession in Modern China. Since its opening up in 1849, groups of foreigners from many countries came here and settled down. The French Concession was established on 6 April 1849, when the French Consul to Shanghai, Charles de Montigny, obtained a proclamation from Lin Kouei (, Lin Gui), the Circuit Intendant (TaotaiDaotai, effectively governor) of Shanghai, which conceded certain territory for a French settlement.