French practice possessive pronouns

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Dependent Possessive Pronouns. Dependent possessive pronouns (called ladjectif possessif in French) always come before a noun (they are dependent on the noun). Dependent possessive pronouns agree in number and gender with the possession, the noun they are modifying. The plural form is the same for both masculine and feminine.French Possessive Adjectives Quiz You got: Correct. Ooh l l! Dave and Les Jacobs Getty Images Looks like you need to study more! Visit our French Possessive Adjectives lesson to learn more about how to use adjectives in their possessive form. Share Your Results. Share Flipboard Email French Possessive Adjectives Quiz You got: Correct. Pas mal. french practice possessive pronouns

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French Possessive Pronouns. Some of the worksheets displayed are Possessive adjectives my your his her its our their, Name possessive pronouns, Possessive pronouns, Pronouns, Object pronouns pronoun work, Pronouns subject object possessive pronouns and, French pronouns, Possessive pronouns. Once you find your worksheet, Tex: Oui, c'est le mien. Tex: Yes, it is mine. In French, possessive pronouns indicate both the possessor and the number and the gender of the object possessed: le mien indicates that the possessor is 'I' and that the possession is masculine singular.french practice possessive pronouns The gender of the French possessive pronoun must agree with the gender of the noun possessed, not that of the possessor. Men and women both say le mien in reference to travail, and la mienne when talking about their voiture, because travail is masculine and voiture is feminine.

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French practice possessive pronouns free

French Possessive Pronouns. For my you have mon, ma and mes (see below). Repeat this over and over until you get. For your in the familiar you have ton, ta and tes. Again you can repeat this over. The personal pronouns for our (notre and nos), your (votre, vos both plural and formal) and their french practice possessive pronouns Test yourself on French possessive pronouns by replacing the underlined words or filling in the blank with the correct pronoun. You can look at the lesson if you need to review. Attention! For fillintheblank questions, you must type accents, because a missing accent a spelling mistake a wrong answer. Possessive Pronoun: Agreement Plus the Definite Article. French and English possessive pronouns are very similar in usage. The big difference is the agreement issue; as we discussed, the French possessive pronoun must match the noun being replaced in number and gender and the appropriate definite article must be added. Je vois ton frre, This quiz is an easy way to get a read on how well you understand the possessive pronouns of French. The questions contain examples of French sentences as well as the grammar involved in the