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Oct 22, 2017  The Mughal Empire led by Babur and Akbar had to fight against the Delhi Sultanate of Ibrahim Lodi and the armies of the Sur Empire under the command of Hemu at PanipatSecond and Third Battles of Panipat (1556, 1761) This began 40 years of anarchy in northwestern India and cleared the way for later British supremacy. Losses: Maratha, 40, 000 casualties and 30, 000 captured of 80, 000; Durrani, 5, 000 casualties of 40, , 000. battle of panipat in hindi

Second Battle of Panipat. Although Hemu had lost his artillery to the Mughals before the battle, his forces held the numerical superiority. However, Hemu was wounded by a chance arrow in the middle of the battle and fell unconscious. Seeing their leader going down, his army panicked and dispersed. Hemu was captured and subsequently beheaded.

3 days ago  Fourth Battle of Panipat: The significance of Narendra Modis barb at Rahul Gandhis choice of constituency 'Vikas' is important but so is identity, especially when one has to navigate through the minefield of castebased alliances. K Bhattacharjee. From Hindi OpIndia. 14 January 1761: The Third Battle of Panipat took place. In 1758 the Marathas pushed forward, taking control of Lahore and Peshawar and forcing Timur Shah Durrani, the son of Abdali, out of Punjab and Kashmir. The Maratha rule was now at its zenith. Abdali decided tobattle of panipat in hindi Panipat Ka Tisra Yuddh Third Battle of Panipat in Hindi with a lot of Hindi news and Hindi contents like biography, bhagwad gita, shloka, politics, cricket, HTML, SEO, Computer, MSWord, Vyakaran etc.

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history of medieval india part2. struggle for empire in north indiaii mughals and afghans ( ad) the battle of panipat (20 april 1526) battle of panipat in hindi Panipat meaning in Hindi ( ) is battle in which the ruler of Afghanistan defeated the Mahrattas in 1761. English definition of Panipat: battle in which the ruler of Afghanistan defeated the Mahrattas in 1761 History. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought on 5 November 1556 between the forces of Akbar and Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, a King of North India, who belonged to Rewari in Haryana and had captured the large states of Agra and Delhi defeating Akbars forces. This king, also known as Vikramaditya had won 22 battles against Third Battle of Panipat. The result of the battle was the halting of further Maratha advances in the north, and a destabilisation of their territories, for roughly ten years. This period is marked by the rule of Peshwa Madhavrao, who is credited with the revival of Maratha domination following the defeat at Panipat. Mar 24, 2016 Here you can remember all important facts about 1st Battle of Panipat, 2nd Battle of Panipat and 3rd Battle of Panipat in Hindi. This is the video related to Indian History in Hindi for