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2020-02-22 21:42

Tracie Wagman et Anthula Nunes have been selected for the French Tech Ticket program. The two Torontobased founders of the company Pin& Tucker will spend six months in Paris to develop their mobile application in a Parisian startups accelerator.Feb 05, 2018 Want to know more about the French Tech Ticket Season 2 winners? Discover who they are! More info about the French Tech Ticket: french tech ticket winners

Jun 21, 2016 After a successful first edition, the French Tech Ticket program is back for 2017 with 41 partner incubators all over France ready to welcome international startups, and even more startuptailored

The French Tech Ticket competition is open for entries! 70 Startups from all over the World will be given the opportunity to grow their tech startup in France. French Tech Ticket Grow your Tech The French Tech Ticket is a program designed for entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to create their startups in France.french tech ticket winners French Tech Ticket, grow your startup in France! The 70 French Tech Ticket awarded projects will be revealed in December for the new class to arrive in France in January 2017. Welcome Guide and special offers from our partners to help winners relocate easily to France;

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Early January 2017: French Tech Tickets season 2 winners will arrive in France. A look back at season 1. 722 startup projects were submitted during the first call for applications, encompassing 1, 372 applicants and 5, 677 expressions of interest in total. french tech ticket winners French Tech Ticket Winner Novus Life Sciences Founder Talks Bones, BioTech and the BondInnov Incubator. La French Tech Blocked Unblock Follow Following. Oct 30, 2017. The French Tech Ticket program is back with even more startuptailored benefits and 41 partner incubators all over France ready to welcome international startups! Winning teams will receive the following benefits: Discover the 70 winners of the French Tech Ticket Season 2 Published on 09 June 2017 Attentive readers may remember that Frances President, Franois Hollande, hosted a reception at the lyse Palace in March 2016 for the 50 winners of the first season of the Paris French Tech Ticket program. Winners will be announced in December, with the first French Tech Ticket entrepreneurs scheduled to arrive in Paris in January 2016. Author Pascale Gelly, CIPM, CIPPE Pascale Gelly, CIPM, CIPPE