How to ask questions in french past tense

2020-02-23 10:35

A more usual way of forming a question in formal French is to use inversion. Inversion In formal French, it is possible and usual to form a question by inverting the order of the subject and the verb.5 Common Questions About the French Simple Past Tense 1. What is the Simple Past Tense? The simple past tense is an indicative tense that has a similar, almost identical meaning to that of the pass compos. It expresses events where both the beginning and the end of the event have occurred in the past, and where duration is not a defining characteristic of the event. how to ask questions in french past tense

Jan 03, 2009 Well, the question wasn't very specific But there are three main forms of the past tense in French: pass compos, pass simple, and imparfait. Unless you are writing something of literary merit, I would avoid using the pass simple.

Mar 06, 2008 Best Answer: le Plusqueparfait Definition A compound tense used to describe a completed action that took place before a reference point in the past. Formation Imperfect auxiliary verb (avoir or etre) past participle (same as passe compose). When asking a question in French, it is possible to do it in several ways. Using estce que at the start of a phrase or changing the order of the subject and verb are to ask questions in french past tense Ways to ask questions Yes or no questions can be posed in one of four ways: Simply raise your voice at the end of the sentence and you have the most colloquial way of asking this type of question.

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