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French Vocabulary: Numbers le vocabulaire franais: les nombres. Learning numbers (les nombres soixante cent) is very important in every major aspect of Francophone culture. You can tell time, buy and sell things, and count anything you want! Knowing numbers is a basic element of communication in any culture! Study:deuxcent vingtetun twohundred twentyone (221) troiscent quatrevingt dixneuf mille huitcent soixanteetun nineteen thousand eighthundred sixtyone (18, 123) Main Numbers Page french pronunciation very nicely. He is very friendly with pleasant personality. I am sure anyone will love to learn french from David. Dibakar one hundred and sixty two in french

Seven hundred and fifty new spaces will be available and priority will be given to communities with the greatest need. Context sentences for seven hundred and fifty in French. English Seven hundred and fiftytwo members of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Translation of one hundred and fifty from the Collins English to French Prepositions after verbs Some French verbs can be followed by an infinitive (the to form of the verb) and linked to it by either de or, or no preposition at all. thousand (250, 000) wounded, three hundred thousand (300, 000) missing and five hundred Ninetyseven thousand eight hundred and one (597, 801) people moved to other cities or to the countryside, of which one hundred sixty thousand (160, 000) sought refuge in the area of the HaitianDominican hundred and sixty two in french Sixty one in french is soixante et un.

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One hundred and sixty two in french free

Remember that the French word for sixty (60) is soixante. The first part of the numbers from 7079 start with soixante (60) followed by dix, onze, douze, treize, etc. Dont forget that spelling counts, and pay attention to hyphens! one thousand two hundred twelve hundred: 1. 200. trois mille quarantedeux three thousand fortytwo: 3. 042. one hundred and sixty two in french Proposed resolution: capital decrease by an amount of fiftyfive million, three hundred and eighteen thousand, one hundred and thirteen euros and twentysix cents (EUR 55, 318, 113. 26) to bring the capital from four hundred and sixtysix million, five hundred and fiftyeight thousand, two hundred and fortytwo To say onehundred, twohundred etc. through ninehundred its pretty easy: Just say the number 19 then add the word cent for hundred. He is very friendly with pleasant personality. I am sure anyone will love to learn french from David. Dibakar Datta, Brown University, USA. Learn More About French Skype Lessons. Recent Posts. Learn how to say numbers in French, including both cardinal and ordinal numbers. There are English translations of all the words, plus sound, which has been professionally recorded by native speakers.